Backup Cameras Vs. Rearview Cameras

Backup cameras, rearview cameras - is there even a difference? When the technology was mandated by the government in May of 2018, this was the question on a lot of people’s minds. So, what's the answer? We here at Turner Kia are ready to make that clear for you.

First off, let's start with what a backup camera is. These nifty gadgets allow you to see a live view of the space underneath your rear windshield. This viewed in conjunction with your mirrors will give you a full picture of everything behind your vehicle, meaning you'll no longer have anxiety when backing out of anywhere.

As for rearview cameras ... they're the same thing. The two names are completely interchangeable! What we do know is that you should come visit us here in the Harrisburg, PA area to test drive one of our vehicles, so that you can truly understand what a backup camera is and how it can help you.

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