Safely Helping Another Driver with a Jump Start

Most of us have encountered people who ask us for a jump start while driving around Harrisburg, PA or elsewhere. At Turner Kia, we want to help you understand how to safely assist a driver whose battery has died.

Throughout these steps, remember that you'll be around live current. Start with the two cars' batteries near each other. Automatic transmissions should be in Park, and manual ones should be in Neutral. Engage each auto's parking brake. Clamp your positive cable to the drained battery's positive terminal. Now clamp this cable's other end to your battery's positive terminal. Remain at your battery. Connect your negative cable to your negative terminal.

Next, carefully secure your last negative clamp to a metal, non-moving component, on the other car's engine block. Start your car, and wait a couple of minutes. Try starting the other car. You may need several attempts. If you cannot start the other car, its driver may need their battery replaced.

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