Keep Your Child Safe By Knowing How to Fasten Them in Right

Putting your child into an improperly fastened car seat can put them in a vulnerable situation in the event of an accident. At Turner Kia, we think it's important to keep you informed on topics such as keeping your child safe.

So how do you safely fasten your child in their car seat?

First, you need to determine which safety seat is fit for your child, as not all car seats are made equally; most are built age-specific. Next, an important action is to read carefully the instructions that are provided by the manufacturer of the car seat.

After you have installed the car seat correctly, you should inspect your work. Grab the seat with both hands and shake it from side to side, as well as up and down to see that the seat is securely fastened. Part of this may mean putting the seatbelt into a 'lock' position. To test drive a safe family car, visit our Kia dealership.



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