Take the Kia Telluride on an Adventure

For the driver that wants adventure, there are vehicles like the 2020 Kia Telluride that have been designed for the sole purpose of taking you out for a thrilling and freeing ride. We at Turner Kia choose this vehicle for promotion because of all that is put into making this SUV a great adventure companion.

One of the first notable things about the 2020 Telluride is that it has every feature that you need when you go on your adventures, such as the heated and ventilated seats that are an available for you. The heated seats will keep you comfortable while you are driving around Harrisburg, PA during the more extreme times of the year.

The Telluride comes with a 10.5-inch touchscreen and a head up display that will give you the information you need while you are driving. Therefore, you can go on your adventure and stay connected to all the things you need to know.


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