How to Replace Windshield Wipers

Keeping your windshield wipers maintained is an important part of keeping your vehicle in good shape. If you've ever had to drive through a bad storm, you won't underestimate their importance. At Turner Kia, we want our customers to be safe on the roads, and we recommend regular inspections and replacements at least every year.

Wipers have to be replaced occasionally because the rubber elements in them can wear down over time. Being out in the sun and exposed to the elements doesn't help with their longevity. When they are stiff and brittle, they're unable to mold to the shape of your windshield, leaving streaks and reducing visibility.

Replacing your blades is something that you can do at home, but you can certainly visit us for assistance. Make sure your new wiper blades are compatible with your vehicle. Mechanisms for removing and attaching blades are quite simple in operation, but they do vary by vehicle.



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