Essential Back-to-School Car Maintenance for Peace of Mind

Each year, the back-to-school season seems to come even faster than the year before. With only a few weeks until the first school bell rings, there is surely a lot of back-to-school shopping that still needs to be done. Turner Kia wanted to remind you to not forget about back-to-school car maintenance. It’s not only essential that you take care of the maintenance for safety and to avoid any costly mechanical issues but also to have peace of mind. The following maintenance items should be considered to prepare your car for the school year:

  • Oil Change
  • Tire Rotation
  • Spare Tire Inspection
  • Battery Test
  • Fluid Levels Checked (refilled as necessary)

Take this time to also schedule any upcoming regularly scheduled maintenance if it’s due within the next 60 days. Reach out to our service team for an appointment or use our online service scheduler.



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