Improve Tire Longevity With Regular Cleaning

The tires on your vehicle represent a substantial financial investment on your part. Why not improve their longevity as well as help maintain their good looks by performing some simple cleaning tasks on a regular basis?

Our service technicians at Turner Kia recommend the following simple tips. Use clean warm water applied with a pressure washer to eliminate brake dust, mud and dirt from the tire surfaces. Then mix water with a little dish detergent and spray again to remove grease and oil. Use a wash mitt and scrub the surface of each tire, then rinse again with clean water. Invest in a wheel brush and wheel cleaner to help make your wheel rims look like new again. Take a clean, lint-free cloth and dry the entire surface of the tire.

Regular tire cleaning helps maintain good tire performance, just like regular visits to our service department at Turner Kia can help avoid unexpected problems.



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