Important Safety Tips When Changing a Flat Tire

Unfortunately, every driver will encounter a flat tire at some point. Sale Kia has some important information for you to consider.

The first thing that we cannot stress enough is that safety is absolutely paramount. Therefore, be sure to get to a safe area before attempting to change a flat tire, especially if it occurs while on the highway. Use the designated jack for your vehicle and follow the instructions very carefully. Do not lift the vehicle off the ground until you have sufficiently loosened the lug nuts with the lug wrench provided. Then, raise the vehicle with only enough space to exchange the flat with the spare tire.

Next, replace the lug nuts with your hand -before- using the lug wrench to completely tighten them. It is best to tighten the lug nuts using a "star" formation, starting at the bottom first. Finally, contact our service department for a new tire replacement, and please stay safe!



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