Know When You Must Merge

We publish our blog because we enjoy helping drivers like you stay safe once you drive home a new vehicle from Turner Kia. Today, we want to improve your knowledge of Move Over Laws.

Seven in 10 respondents to a recent survey said they had never heard of Move Over Laws, yet applicable statutes exist in every American state. Each state's Move Over Law essentially places the same expectations on you when you drive. While passing an accident scene or other road-adjacent situation, you must provide a one-lane berth if possible. Otherwise, you must decelerate to a speed well under the roadway's posted limit.

Beginning in 1996 with South Carolina, states created these laws to heighten roadside safety for police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and motorists. Naturally, fines and other penalties apply when you do not follow Move Over Laws. To save money and lives, learn the Move Over Law of any state in which you drive.



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