Learn How to Share the Road with Bicycles

Cars and bikes often share the roads and streets. Bicycles must obey traffic rules and operate with extra visibility at night. Drivers should look for bicycles and anticipate them in bike lanes. The extra care must continue with parking and opening car doors on the traffic side.

Drivers know that bicycles can appear suddenly and in unexpected locations. When driving near bikes, drivers should give them the right of way and not follow too closely. Drivers must use care, keep below the speed limits, and watch for bikes, especially when making turns and changing lanes.

At Turner Kia, we urge all drivers to look out for bicycles and share the road. When you need to get into a new or used vehicle, we invite you to drop by our location. You can inspect our wide variety of inventory and take a test drive in any truck, car, or SUV that appeals to you. Please call or drop by today.



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