Common Reasons Your Vehicle's Engine May be Overheating

The cooling system in your car's engine is comprised of a number of moving parts. Here are some of the common causes of the engine overheating as a result of something failing in the cooling system.

Radiator hose failure means coolant is leaking from the cooling system and allowing the engine temperatures to rise. It could be as simple as a loose hose clamp, or perhaps the hose itself has failed. The Kia service center techs will inspect and replace the hoses if they are the cause of the trouble. If the water pump, radiator fan, or thermostat fail, then the car engine could certainly overheat. It might be a challenge for the driver to determine which of these parts could be the cause. Allow a mechanic to take a look because they can tell easily which part may have failed.

If you are having car overheating issues, stop by Turner Kia in Harrisburg and our crew will inspect the entire cooling system for issues.

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