What are Infotainment Systems?

Infotainment systems were created to sync up with your smartphone, display GPS navigation, let you scroll through music channels, and access vehicle settings. However, today’s infotainment systems are a heck of a lot smarter and offer way more command control. You can now do almost anything from the driver’s seat hands-free with the way that infotainment systems can sync up with your smartphone. For example, many cars have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which lets you automatically sync up your car to the apps on your phone. You can use your car’s touch screen just as you would your phone’s screen.

It gets even better if you have GPS navigation, built-in Wi-Fi and security features like rearview and sideview cameras. You can now access all of your cameras from the driver’s seat and view what’s happening on the exterior of your car at all times. You can use voice-enabled commands to tell your car what to do as well like turn on music or make a phone call.

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