Can Synthetic Oil Work for Your Vehicle?

When getting an oil change, people often debate whether they should use conventional oil for the change out or if they should opt for synthetic oil. There are benefits associated with each of these products, and at Turner Kia, we offer both of them to our clients. When you bring your vehicle in for an oil change, we always ask what type of oil you would like used and we also will discuss with you what kind of filter you would like used as well.

For those who are unsure of the difference, synthetic motor oil is created from chemical products rather than being found in nature, from a natural source. It tends to be far more affordable because of these differences. You can usually trust synthetic oil because you know the brand it was created by, the ingredients are always the same, and there are quality control standards.

Learn more about our conventional and synthetic oil products when you come to our Kia service station in Harrisburg, PA.

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