Car Batteries Impacted by Extreme Temperatures

It is essential for drivers to have the battery in their car checked regularly, especially before both the winter and summer seasons. In perfect conditions, a typical lead-acid battery has an average lifespan of three years.

We all know that draining your battery shortens its lifespan, but some motorists don’t realize that extremely cold or hot temperatures can also kill your battery. While studies show both hot and cold temperatures affect batteries at the same rates, many people believe that colder weather is tougher on car batteries. The reason is simple. Studies have proven lead capacity falls in cold weather, which can cause a battery to fail. Battery failure is common if the battery has already been weakened.

Having your battery checked as part of your regular car maintenance plan is crucial. It may be time for a car battery replacement before you get stuck. Call a reputable dealership in Harrisburg, PA today and make sure your vehicle’s battery is in optimal condition.

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