Avoiding a Tire Blowout When the Tire Pressure Lights in the Car Stay On

Don't ignore the tire pressure indicator lights in your vehicle, they could indicate something is wrong with the tires.

One of the things that may trigger the tire pressure lights is something to not be too concerned with. Air is naturally escaping from the tires at a rate of a pound a month, so just be aware. Also, if the temperature drops ten degrees, the tires lose a pound of pressure, just so you are aware.

Things to be concerned with can range from bulges or cracks in the tire tread, or an obstruction in the tire you can't see. As the pressure drops in the tires, the chances of having a blowout at high speeds increases because more of the tread is now in contact with the road.

The staff at Turner Kia are here and ready to inspect, rotate, and replace any of the tires that are not performing.



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