The Wrong Tire Pressure Can Affect Your Car Ride

Having the wrong pressure in the car tires can not only wear the treads faster, it can make it difficult to drive safely on the roads. Pay very close attention to the tire pressure in the car each week. When the pressure in the tires is too low, then more of the tire is going to come in contact with the road. That means the sidewalls could wear faster, which makes steering harder and increases the likelihood of a tire blowout.

If there is too much air in the tires, the car tends to ride only on the center line of the tires. This can wear the tire unevenly, and make it very hard to handle the vehicle because less tread is now in contact with the road surface. If the tire pressure lights keep coming on, get to the Turner Kia auto service center in Harrisburg, PA so we can fix the issue before it affects tire wear.

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